Yeast (Liquid) - Wyeast (Belgian Abbey II) - 1762

Yeast (Liquid) - Wyeast (Belgian Abbey II) - 1762

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Originating from the legendary Rochefort brewery in Belgium, this strain ferments clean, even in high gravity situations.  The fermentation esters tend to pair well with some of the rich caramel, toffee and raisin flavors extracted from the dark crystal malts typically used in the production of the style.

An excellent yeast strain for use in Belgian dark strong ales. This strain has a relatively “clean profile” which allows a rich malt and distinctive ethanol character to shine. Delicate dried fruit esters can be produced when used at higher fermentation temperatures or in a high gravity wort.

Flocculation: medium
Attenuation: 73-77%
Temperature Range: 65-75° F (18-24° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: approximately 12% ABV
Cell Count: 100 Billion

American Barleywine
Belgian Blond Ale
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Belgian Specialty Ale
Bière de Garde
Russian Imperial Stout
Strong Scotch Ale

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