Summit Pellet Hops
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Summit Pellet Hops

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This USDA bred hop is a cross of multiple pollinations between several hops, but most notably Zeus and Nugget. Released from the American Hops Dwarf Association in Washington in 2003, this Super Alpha varietal is ideal as a bittering addition in almost any brew. 

With an alpha acid range of 16% to 19%, Summit hops are most widely used for their bittering characteristics, but also contain a wonderful citrus bouquet of pink grapefruit, tangerine, and orange. This makes Summit a perfect ingredient in IPAs, Double IPAs, and Pale Ales. If you wanted to substitute Summit pellet or whole hops in your brew recipe, try Cascade or Amarillo® hops. Taste Summit in Rockslide IPA from Fifty Fifty Brewing Co.

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