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Lotus™ Pellet Hops

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El Dorado hops were developed by American CLS Farms, LLC in 2008 and commercially released in 2010. Specifically bred for a high level of alpha acids and heavy aroma, this hop is the epitome of a dual purpose brewing ingredient. 
A high level of alpha acids normally ranging from about 14% to 16% delivers intense bittering quality to beer styles like IPAs and Pale Ales. The robustly fruity, almost candy-like aroma evokes everything from cherry, to peach and mango through lighter brews like wheats. Being such a young varietal means the El Dorado hop is not too hard to get your hands on, but if you would like to switch it out, try using Galena hops. Relish the fruity taste and aroma by trying commercial beers like Stone Brewing Co.’s new Go To Session IPA.

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