Dry Apple Cider - No Boil Kit

Dry Apple Cider - No Boil Kit

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This kit makes a pleasant and appealing Apple Cider. The kit is made from the highest quality NZ Grown Apples (50% Gala, 25% Braeburn and 25% Jazz) and the result is a clean and crisp cider. The apple flavours are light and pleasant and the overall taste is refreshing.

Makes about 2.5 gal (10 l) of cider

The kit includes a 1.65kg Apple Cider pouch and a 11g pack of Fermentis S-04 yeast.

Ferment at 18-28ºC / 64-77ºF (ideally near the middle of this range) for 4 days for a cider with medium residual sweetness or 7 days for a drier finish.

Original Gravity: 1.041 (10.5°P). Ferment until Final Gravity is 1.010 (2.5°P). Alcohol will be 4.10%.

DO NOT CLARIFY. The yeast will settle with the cooling and the cider will be clear

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