Aviation Blonde Ale
Ready Now
You might have to check the Urban Dictionary for this one's namesake.  Golden ale, not too malty and not too bitter, it's a great transition to the world of craft beer.  A little wheat malt provides a nice rocky head with American Centennial and Cascade hops to smooth it all out at 4.5% ABV. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't check Urban Dictionary on this one.
High Flyin' Hefeweizen
Ready Now
Poured into a traditional Weizen glass, the Hefeweizen can be one sexy looking beer.  Yes, beer can be sexy even with some banana and clove notes.  She flies high with her traditional recipe, German hops and Hefeweizen yeast she comes at us with a 4.8% ABV and 11 IBU's.  We think you should take a flight with her, we did.
Junge Flieger Ale
Ready Now
If you don't know what Yuengling tastes like, then that is your own loss and you probably need to travel more.  I mean, it's only the most popular craft beer from the oldest brewery in America, but I digress.  It's a Vienna Lager knockoff, but we used San Francisco Common Ale yeast because it's a really cool yeast.  Turning in a 4.2% ABV and 11 IBU's it probably classifies as a lawnmower beer, maybe a snowblower beer.
Turbine Stout
Ready 2/13
We scraped this shit from the turbines of used MD-80's in the desert of Arizona.  Full Irish on this guy with Fuggles, Golding hops and Irish ale yeast.  Smooth, creamy and sessionable at 4.1% ABV you might give up Guiness for this one.
SMaSH Citra IPA (Needs snazzy name)
Ready Now
Maris Otter Malt, Citra® leaf hops, White Labs California Ale yeast and nothing else. This bad boy clocks in at 6.8% ABV and 76 IBU.  We even dry hopped with more Citra® hops for that citrusy head. Imbibe too much of this and probably end up smashed.
Farmhouse Ale
Ready 2/27
We raided a farmhouse in Belgium for the yeast and malts for this, you know, authenticity is the bomb.  We hooked this guy up to the fermentation heater to keep him nice and warm, gotta have those esters and fruity notes hanging about.  Anyway, we are ready to try this one out.