About Us

Once upon a day, there was a guy who liked to fly planes and brew beer.  He was always meticulous about his flying and his beer.  He realized that putting the two together was a pretty bad idea, not to mention illegal.  So, he did the next best thing and came up with Pilot Brewing Supply to please both of his passions. 

He was always pretty simple too, loved the simple airplanes and the simple beers.  He got crazy every once in a bit and turned the plane upside down or came up with a crazy recipe that included far too many hot peppers.  They both seemed like a good idea at the time, although both led to the same result though. 

Fast forward through all the craziness and here we are today, with a competent pilot and sane brewer.  We like to keep the plane upright these days and the recipes and equipment simple, true to tradition and easy to brew.  All our ingredients are vacuum sealed when possible, custom packed and shipped promptly for you to enjoy. 

We would love for you to hang out with us and enjoy the passion of brewing as much as we do.  We could even talk about aeroplanes for a bit if that's your game.  Cheers!